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Murerase whiteboards are high performance dry erase boards available as magnetic and non-magnetic surfaces. Murerase surfaces are guaranteed against ghosting for 5 years. We also have DaPlus boards for extremely hard, daily use that are guaranteed against ghosting for 10 years. Murerase whiteboards are available in typical sizes as plain boards, but are also imaged with lines, text or images such as logos, pictures and graphics of any type.

Our high quality custom graphics Murerase dry erase boards would be the perfect answer for all of your dry erase needs. Our excellent high-resolution graphics, along with our high clarity custom made whiteboards, allow one to effectively communicate your message. The lack of ghosting or defects, sometimes present in lower quality products, eliminates the potential for errors, created by poor legibility. We would be happy to provide you with expert sales advice on many options so please call or email us through the use of our contact us form, for all of your custom-made whiteboards.

Custom Printing on Murerase Products

Whether you are looking for scientific charts, maps, scheduling boards, production results, motivational boards, or any custom graphic whiteboard, Murerase technologies and products will provide you with all of your informational and instructional needs. Send us your charts, images, or let us help you design a layout that fits your needs.

Why should one utilize the Murerase technology?

Several reasons existing for using our Murerase custom information boards:

  • Some people are irritated by the chalk dust.
  • The surface cleans extremely well. There are no difficult to read areas.
  • Custom made whiteboards with essentially any graphics provides huge possibilities for the background of any board.
  • The white backing, along with the vivid markers, allow for one to maintain attention, and communicate the message much more successfully.
  • More colors are available with Dry Erase versus Chalkboards.
  • The Murerase custom made whiteboards are guaranteed to not ghost for a full 5 years of service. You won’t need to re-work your job any time soon.
  • The new white surface can also be magnetic. In fact our pricing allows you to have magnetic board for about the same price as a non-magnetic one.
  • The Dry Erase surfaces are extremely cost effective and very high performing. Proprietary surface coatings with years of field experience and results.
  • The ability to accurately and legibly read the information is a “must” when one is within certain environments. Eliminating the possibility of incorrect information transfer is an outstanding benefit of this technology

We will build a board for YOUR application:

  • Magnetic or non-magnetic
  • Framed with hanging brackets
  • 4-Color at no extra cost
  • Your art or we’ll create art based on your layout

Murerase Best Value in the Marketplace!

Murerase is an extremely high-performing surface technology at excellent value. It is available on all of the surfaces mentioned above, and sold exclusively through Digital Designed Solutions. This extremely hard surface has excellent dry-erasability with an indefinite shelf life.

  • Available in many standard sizes up to 4′ x 8′ full sheets or cut sheets of any less dimension.
  • Large oversized whiteboards are also available in plain white and with custom graphics.
  • Custom graphics are available, opening a host of possibilities
  • Typical installation can be completed in less then 15 minutes per board
  • Available for magnetic and non-magnetic applications
  • Excellent for small and large jobs
  • Custom made whiteboards can be fabricated to any dimension
  • Samples are available if requested here.

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