Back to School: The Benefits of the Whiteboard

We now live in a digital age, so much so that education has become centered around technology. In middle, high school, and even elementary schools around the country, students are learning and engaging with their teachers and fellow classmates through computers, laptops, TVs, tablets and smartphones.

A recent project at the University of Central Arkansas noticed that although advanced technology is great, there are still so many benefits to hands on learning, collaborating and writing things down, and this is where the whiteboard comes into play.

Whiteboards create a sense of shared, open space. They allow for easy visibility and collaboration of ideas and learning. ¬†Another benefit being that whiteboards allow for mistakes, and everything is temporary, so if it takes you 100 tries to get to the correct answer to that mathematical equation, you don’t need to worry about buying a new notebook, or your computer running out of battery, it is no sweat for the whiteboard!

For those of you who watch the Big Bang Theory, you might recall that many episodes showcase Sheldon and his whiteboard. For those of you who don’t watch the show, Sheldon is a professor at Cal Tech and uses his own personal rolling whiteboard in his own apartment to carry out his theories and advancements in the field of science. This image shows Sheldon with his roommate Leonard collaborating on what looks like quite a tough equation – not something you could easily do on a computer or notepad!

Now, how much better would that whiteboard look with a customized Big Bang Theory design from DDS?

Happy Back to School!

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