Changeable Whiteboards


Magnetic dry erase • Custom printed • Easily changed

A Murerase whiteboard will last a long time, but your needs may change at any time. If your layout, content or artwork changes, you no longer have to remove and replace your whiteboards. You can change the layout with our one-piece, dry erase insert and our Changeable Murerase Whiteboards.

Watch the video and see how easily these whiteboards are changed.

How Does It Work?

The Basic Whiteboard is very easy to mount to the wall and begin to use.

Changeable #3

Step #1:

  • The frame is easily attached to the wall with the screws and inserts provided.
  • Let us know if your wall is NOT drywall so we can provide alternative fasteners.

Finished 7-31

Step #2:

  • Snap the frame closed and you are ready to use your board.
  • The Murerase is magnetic receptive, dry erase and needs no additional surfacing.

Why Use Changeable Whiteboards?

It is when we are sure that one or more of the following will occur:

  • Ownership, logos, standard copy and new illustrations require change
  • A desire to offer a different language for patients
  • Government regulations change layouts

How is the Layout/Art Changed?

  • Unsnap the frame
  • Add the new one-piece insert over the steel panel
  • Snap the frame closed

No need to remove anything including the board from the wall.

  • Done in minutes
  • Anyone can do it
  • The board still holds magnets

Changeable #2

The DDS program for Changeable Whiteboards

Changeable – When?

  • Need immediate flexibility?
    • We can provide multiple alternative layouts/art with your original order
  • Are you deciding on Changeable Murerase for the future changes that you anticipate, but cannot define today?
    • We will be there to provide new inserts and dry erase lenses when you need them

What are your Options?

  • The Basic Changeable Whiteboard: Aluminum snap frame with accustom printed Murerase® whiteboard preinserted into the frame. Very cost competitive, magnetic, easily installed, ready for changes in the future.
  • The full System: This is when the customer has an immediate need for alternative layouts/art. We supply the basic board as one alternative AND to make the finished whiteboard magnetic receptive. The steel panel stiffens the entire assembly when adhered into the snap frame. Our one-piece insert(s) is included.
  • Insert Options: We will supply new, one-piece inserts or you can print your own and get a dry erase lens from us. We believe our one-piece insert is the best solution with it’s 10-year guarantee against ghosting.
  • See the frame options. Click here to see frame options.
    • Silver and black frames are in stock. Other colors MAY be a premium depending on quantity and color selected
  • The following sizes are them most commonly ordered, but we will supply Changeable whiteboards in any custom size:
    • 18”x 24”
    • 24”x 36”
    • 36”x 48”
    • Portrait of Landscape in all sizes

Some completed Installations

Alpina 1

Ask us to quote you for this innovative, Changeable Whiteboard in any quantity, size and in the format YOU need. “Whiteboards Your Way”