Custom Printed Whiteboards : The Process



Every week we are able to put one project in for manufacturing in a couple hours and another project goes to manufacturing 6 to 12 months after we get the job. What’s the difference? The PROCESS of determining exactly what the customer wants can be very difficult – often because the PROCESS is not understood. So let’s simply and clarify the steps to creating a custom printed whiteboard.

Step 1: What is the Purpose of the custom whiteboard?

          Coaches Board
            Tracking Board
  • Do you want to communicate, track, teach, or some combination?
  • Who will be expected to “fill in the blanks”?
  • We mean ALWAYS (or at least 95% of the time)

Step 2: What content do you want on your board?

  • What ABSOLUTELY has to be on the board?
  • Who needs to be able to see what’s on the board?
  • How far from the board are they when they are reading it? Classroom; patient room?
  • Going to our website is also a great way to get a sample layout or idea for your board, as chances are we have done something similar to what you’re looking for in the past! This is a good starting point!
  • Questions? We can help! Always ask when unsure!

Step 3: Get an Accurate Quote – Please provide… 

  • Size – we can quote a couple sizes
  • Quantity: any number is OK!
  • Magnetic or Non-Magnetic?
  • Frame: Do you want an aluminum frame, plastic frame? No Frame?
  • Design/Layout – Do you want a plain white board or a printed one?
    • Is there more than one layout? For example, you order 4 boards: Do all 4 boards have the same layout? Or do all 4 have different layouts? This is needed to determine any design fees.
  • A shipping address or location – this allows us to quote packaging & freight costs
  • Any Accessories to add to order?
    • Dry Erase Markers?
    • Custom Magnets (We do these too!)
    • A Tray (for markers)

Step 4: Place the Order – What happens now?

  • Art/layout is created

    Design & Layout in Adobe Illustrator
  • See our Art Spec Sheet for whats needed
  • There is NO charge until YOU are satisfied and approve the layout
  • Nothing goes to production until the customer approves the FINAL layout
    • Keep in mind, DDS will make as many corrections as needed until its EXACTLY as the customer wants
  • Once the Artwork has been signed off on by the customer – your board is sent to Production – YAY!

Step 5: Shipping / Receiving / Install   

  • We’ll let you know when your board ships

            Packaging & Freight
  • If it’s on a pallet, it needs to go to a loading dock
  • If you don’t have a loading dock, please tell us as additional costs are possible
  • If you can carry it (smaller than 36″ x 48″), the trucker will bring it to the back of the truck to hand off to you
  • Hardware to install the board will be included. You still need a level and some basic tools. We have installation instructions on our website
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