Custom: So what does it really mean?

Here at DDS we specialize in Custom Printed Whiteboards, it is even in our web address –  So, when we continue to say custom, what does it really mean?

Well to us, custom means OPTIONS! The option to choose the type of board you want, exactly how you want it. So what options do we offer?

First there is custom sizing- why turn to DDS when you could get a plain standard size whiteboard at at office supply store? One of the many reasons is for custom sizing! Perhaps you want your board to be sized to fit on the back of a door? Or on a wall that has very specific dimensions 300″ x 116″ for example – this is where custom sizing comes into play and can be very useful in a variety of situations.

Next is the option for the type of board you want. Do you want a non-magnetic whiteboard? Or a magnetic whiteboard? Do you have specific needs for the material used? Or perhaps you have a specific need for the sizing and thickness of the material used? DDS offers a variety of board type and material options.

Lastly, a main reason to choose DDS is for the ability to include custom graphics onto your board. Do you have a very specific use for your whiteboard? A calendar? Your companies logo? To track and manage production, materials, or employees? To coach a sports team? To map out an area, or a location? To communicate with patients? Here at DDS Custom we use a unique process of dye sublimation printing to create any artwork and design on your whiteboard that you can imagine. The results are a stunning, unique, and CUSTOM board that will last for years to come!

Be sure to visit our website at for more custom ideas or to being creating your CUSTOM board! Or feel free to call us toll-free at 800-620-3073.

Take a look at some examples of customization below:




                       Coaches/Sports Board



                 Insert your Logo 





                     Patient Communication



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