DDS becomes exclusive US Distributor of Magiboards!

We have some very exciting news to share – DDS has become the exclusive North American Distributer for MagiBoards! With this announcement DDS now offers 3 new speciality products!

The first product is a Magirail Sliding Whiteboard System. These Magnetic Whiteboards Sliding Rail Systems are available with Murerase custom printed whiteboards, Plain whiteboards or Porcelain whiteboard (Lifetime Warranty). The whiteboards on a sliding rail system come in 4 standard sizes or in custom sizes.


        MagiRail Sliding Whiteboard System

The next product we are pleased to offer our customers is a rotating 3 sided Magiboard whiteboard. Each of the 3 magnetic whiteboards is 47” high x 22” wide. The 3 boards together are equivalent to a full 48”x 72” whiteboard. The grey powder coated steel circular base is 24” in diameter and is totally flat to avoid any tripping hazards. The total height of the unit is just over 6 feet. The whiteboards are mounted to triangular plates and fixed securely at the top with a heavy duty locking nut.

3 Sided Rotating Whiteboard

You can also upgrade this 3 sided whiteboard to be fitted with our heavy-duty wheels. If you purchase both the board and the heavy duty wheels your board will arrive with heavy-duty wheels already installed.

3 Sided Rotating Board with Wheels

And finally, our last addition to our product line is the Mobile Magiboard Whiteboard – 4-Sided Cube. A great product for visual management on the factory floor or anywhere the focus needs to be. Each of the 4 sides is made from a magnetic whiteboard which can be plain or custom printed. Each side is 25” wide x 72” high. There is more writing space on this cube than a 4 foot by 8 foot whiteboard.

Now, what really makes these cubes unique is that this 4-sided cube has one side that is a door with a magnetic whiteboard face. Inside there are 3 shelves for storage. All of our Magiboard mobile whiteboards are heavy duty units which can be used in any environment.  These are great for trade shows and showroom floors where ease, mobility, and accessibility is key!

4 Sided Cube Whiteboard – Mobile with Wheels and Shelving Unit Inside
3 Shelf Storage on the Inside of One Panel

All of these innovating and exciting new product lines are manufactured in the UK by Magiboards, the premier manufacturer of custom visual display equipment in the UK and sold in the US by Digital Designed Solutions.  Contact us today to learn more!


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