DDS – More than just Boards, A Graphics Company

Here at DDS we pride ourselves on our high quality custom printed whiteboards. Whether you need a small 12 inch by 24 inch magnetic hospital communication board, or a large 6ft by 8ft non-magnetic whiteboard with basketball court diagrams, DDS is here to help!

However, DDS is much more than just a whiteboard only company – we are a graphics company. So what does that mean? Well, it means we can do it all, and we do it well. If you can imagine any type of custom printed boards, we do it! Magnets, Calendars, Maps, and even large size murals and art. Here are some examples of murals we have done in the past.

Children’s Hospital of the Kings                             Daughter’s 2nd Floor Lobby Mural
Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters Mural
Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters –                          Communication Board

Notice how for the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters, we did both large scale murals throughout the lobby, and a smaller 3x4ft nurses station communication whiteboard.  This demonstrates our ability to provide the highest quality dye-sublimation printing on a large scale while also providing that same quality to our custom printed whiteboards on a smaller scale. No matter the size, design or scale, DDS will provide the highest quality products accompanied by excellent customer service.

University of Washington Husky                       Football Lobby
University of Washington – Husky            Football Mural Zoomed In











To begin envisioning your custom project, reach out to DDS today via email or by calling 1800-620-3073.   And of course feel free to visit our website to get some ideas and to check out more unique designs at



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