Don’t Ruin Your Whiteboards

We have dry erase boards in hospitals all over the country for over 8 years. They are performing well with a few exceptions. So far, all but one exception has been due to the finish being ruined through the use of abrasive cleaners or pads OR chemical reagents NOT suitable for dry erase finishes.

These are the materials approved to erase and to clean Murerase whiteboards.

We can supply all of these products, or you can get the alcohol and alcohol wipes in any drugstore.

Cleaners shouldn’t be required until the ink has been on the board for a long time. Use a clean eraser or a soft cloth. If you erase dry erase ink before it has dried it will always smear.

Different pens are easier or more difficult to erase. Low odor pens are harder to erase. Permanent markers don’t erase at all, and must be removed with an approved cleaner shown above. We can supply non-low odor pens and they can be purchased from Staples, Office Depot and other office supply outlets. PLEASE don’t use Sharpies or other permanent markers.

Use these! – regular dry erase marker pens

Permanent Markers
Low Odor Markers

These materials should NEVER be used to clean dry erase boards!

Disinfectant Wipes
Abrasive Cleaners
Scouring pads including 3M pads
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