Free Standing White Boards

Rotating Magiboard Whiteboard Stands

These stands are either 3-sided or 4-sided magnetic whiteboards. They rotate through 360 degrees and are fitted to a sturdy central pole and a flat base. They are ideal for call centers, information points, and production environments.

Rotating Whiteboard with custom printed panels

Each of the 3 magnetic whiteboards is 47″x22″ wide.
The 3 boards together are equivalent to a full 48″ x 72″ whiteboard.

Rotating 3 sided Magnetic Whiteboard

Each of the 4 magnetic whiteboards is 47″x22″ wide.
The 4 boards together are equivalent to a full 48″ x 96″ whiteboard.

These stands are made in the UK by Magiboards.
The rotating Magiboards all have a heavy, flat circular base.
It is powder coated and is 23″ in diameter.

Rotating whiteboard on a stand with wheels

Either 3-sided or the 4-sided boards can be fitted with our heavy-duty wheels. The boards can then be rotated and wheeled to different locations as needed. Let us know if you want this enhancement and we’ll install the wheels prior to shipment.
We can supply these stands with 1 or more custom printed Murerase whiteboard panels. See our art specification here – Art/Layout Submission. There is a 5-year guarantee against ghosting on all of the whiteboards. All are magnetic receptive, steel boards and receive magnetic accessories.

4 Sided Magiboard Whiteboard

Mobile Magiboard Whiteboard – 4-Sided Cube

A great product for visual management on the factory floor or anywhere the focus needs to be. Each of the 4 sides is made from a magnetic whiteboard which can be plain or custom printed. Each side is 25” wide x 72” high. There is more writing space on this cube than a 4 foot by 8 foot whiteboard. The 4-sided rotating whiteboard is manufactured in the UK by Magiboards, the premier manufacturer of custom visual display equipment in the UK. DDS has these in stock in the USA, ready to ship.

DDS - Cube-printed-whiteboard image

DDS - The ultimate in custom printed dry erase whiteboards - Image

The 4-sided cube has one side that is a door with a magnetic whiteboard face. Inside there are 3 shelves for storage. All of our Magiboard mobile whiteboards are heavy duty units which can be used in any environment.

These heavy-duty lockable wheels are installed on every 4-sided mobile whiteboard. They allow the free standing unit to rotated and travel to wherever you need it to be.
You can choose how many sides you would like to be custom printed with any layout or art you want. We can provide you with pricing for any combination of plain or printed Murerase whiteboard. All our boards are printed directly into the coated steel dry erase surface. All surfaces are magnetic as standard and can be used with dry erase markers. There are no vinyl overlays. Magiboards are guaranteed for 5 years for ghosting

See our Art Specifications for direction on providing art for the custom printed panels.