Patient Information Boards – What to Consider?

Patient information boards are found in more hospital rooms than ever before.  The provide the patient and their families important information during their stay in the hospital.  Most often they include basic information such as room number, telephone number and the current staffing that directly effects the patient – nurses, technical personnel, and others.  Other information varies depending on the institution.  Pain scales are common.  An area for notes can be useful for the family to leave requests or notes for the doctor and others.  From there the information can literally be anything from cleaning instructions for the boards to detailed instructions and/or hospital policy.  Here are a couple of patient whiteboards that represent a different amount of content.

Basic Information on this board
    More Content on this board


Some of the considerations for the size of the boards are:

  • The amount of content on the board
  • The need for the patient to be able to read the board from their bed
  • The type of room.  ie. ER, Pediatric, Geriatric, surgery
  • The actual room available on the walls in the room (lots of technology taking wall space in many patient rooms.

And example of a pediatric board is this one for the Miami Children’s Hospital that includes graphic design, color and is bilingual.

Miami Children’s Hospital Board

You can see more boards for every type of institution and application on our website.  Here at DDS we make many boards that are for scheduling, nurses’ stations, surgeries and every conceivable application in the hospital and other medical facilities. To view past examples of DDS boards specific to the medical industry, click here.  And lastly, feel free to contact us to get the conversation started at We look forward to helping with your custom printed whiteboard needs!

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