Hamilton Medical Center – Joint Moves – Rehab

Hamilton Medical Center – Joint Moves - Rehab

This 36”x 48” Murerase whiteboard is to track the progress of patients rehabbing in the Joint Moves, Rehabilitation center at the Hamilton Medical Center in Georgia. The column on the right will have magnets with the room numbers written on them with dry erase pens. The boots that you see are magnets die-cut in an oval shape with boots in 4 different colors. Those magnets are positioned in the column that is the distance walked in feet that is printed in the top row of the board.

The boots are for walking in the north Georgia woods which is the background photo. A creative board that needed a number of graphic elements for the board and the magnets. The room number magnets have a dry erase film laminated so that the room numbers can be changed. The boots are printed on to the oval. The main board is our heat transferred image permanently part of the dry erase surface.

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