ISS Boards – Tracking, Training and Accountability

“ISS has relaunched the Employee Engagement Wall! The new “Team Board” aims to bring the ISS Mission to life on a day-to-day basis and will be an even better way for leaders to connect, communicatee and focus their frontline employees on the things that drive success in their contract.”

“The original Employee Engagement Wall was an Australian initiative, born three years ago. Global CEO, Jeff Gravenhorst, was so impressed with the concept that it was developed by ISS Group and presented at the Innovation Fair at this year’s TMC Conference in Switzerland”

“The new boards now represent a ‘global standard’ for site communications. ISS Australia had adopted it for our divisions, and they are available for your KMAs to order.”

“So, look out for the new Team Boards coming to your site soon!”

(From ISS Team Magazine August 2017)


ISS Team Wall Boards are used in this order:

Our People

• Show who the key contacts are for each site
• Review core ISS values
• Get feedback from the rest of the team and review previous feedback
• Track safety and sick days

Our Customer

• Show key customer contacts
• Show commitments that have been made to the customer
• List of action items that need to be address
    o   Review previous action items
    o   Add new items to be addressed and when
• Track insights to better serve the customer

Our Service

• Tracks touch points to the facility from arriving to work to leaving for the day. Review what was done yesterday, what needs to be done today and what to look forward to for tomorrow. Then these points will be prioritized and acted upon using a color code of green, orange, and red. This will generate the work orders for the site.
• Track customer feedback top find ways to improve
• Give recognition to those people that have gone above and beyond.

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