Magnetic Aluminum Tray

Magnetic Aluminum Tray

This tray comes in lengths up to 8 feet long. We supply it in any length you want at the pricing below. The tray has a strong magnetic strip on its flat back. It will cling to any magnetic receptive surface. If your board is non-magnetic we will ship it to you with an additional magnetic strip that has adhesive on one side that will attach to the non-magnetic surface. The tray will then cling to the magnetic strip. If it needs to be mechanically attached, let us know and we’ll drill 2 holes in the flat back and you can attach it to the wall.

The price of this tray is: 12 Inch tray = $36.00

                                                 24 Inch tray = $40.00

                                                 36 Inch tray = $45.00

                                                Greater than 36 inches is $11.00 per lineal foot 

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