Product Spotlight: DDS 4-sided Rotating Magiboards

DDS Product Spotlight: 4-sided Rotating Cubed Magiboards

This week’s product spotlight is our 4-sided mobile magnetic whiteboard with interior shelving. The rotating board is cube shaped and features with 4 sides with one of the sides being a door that opens up to 3 shelves on the inside for maximum storage potential. A real space gainer! Use the 4 sides for your visual management display and use the inside storage shelves for files that are needed, safety information and equipment, products, etc.

This is a great product for visual management on a factory floor, and also works very well in convention and trade show settings. Each of the 4 sides is made from a magnetic coated steel dry erasable whiteboard. Each side is 67″ tall by 22.75″ wide, a writing surface of 10.5 s/f per side, for a total of 42 s/f for the entire cube.

You will notice in the second image above there are magnetic paper holder display frames that can hold a standard size 8 ½” x 11″ sheet paper that can be used to hold important paperwork/documents. You can purchase these in a variety of different colored borders and are available separately or as a great addition to your 4-sided cube.

The cube is fitted with heavy duty lockable wheels which means it not only turns easily but it can also be moved to different locations or work stations. These cubes come in plain white, but are also available for custom printing on 1, 2, 3 or all 4 sides. You can custom print the cube with your company logo, important safety instructions, a calendar, a sign in/sign out chart, whatever is applicable to you and your business!

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