Hospital/Patient Whiteboards

Whether you are a nurse, physician, teacher, or patient you will appreciate the excellent quality of our Murerase dry erase boards and our custom printed magnetic white boards. Whether it is being used for:

  • Doctor & patient communication boards

  • Medical transcription message boards

  • Hospital dry erase boards

  • Scientific & anatomical boards

  • Dry erase boards for tracking in ICU’s, ER’s, surgeries, etc.

  • General hospital markerboards

Custom printed dry erase whiteboards - medical image

Military/Government Whiteboards

We have printed many projects for every branch of the military, but it is very difficult to get permission to show them on our website. Click on Gallery to see the two that we can show. The military has used our custom boards to track everything from fighter aircraft to recruits at Parris Island.

We’ve done maps and site plans for the Coast Guard and other bases. We will do custom printed boards for you and as you see, we won’t publish them unless you allow it.

Custom printed dry erase whiteboards - gsa image

Sports/Education Whiteboards

Coaches are whiteboard experts. Every locker room has whiteboards for diagramming plays, tracking performance and scheduling practice and workouts. Murerase dry erase boards will take the hard use from multiple erasing and cleaning without ghosting. Our heat transfer printing will stand up to cleaning and never fade or come off. Some applications we’ve supplied are:

  • Put your playing field, court or rink on the whiteboard for diagramming

  • The workout schedule with the details you require permanently displayed

  • Track performance by game or season

  • Single and double elimination tournament boards

  • Facilities site plans for controlling maintenance and other activities

DDS has supplied Murerase custom printed dry erase boards for college and professional teams. We have done boards for golf courses, umpire schools, online tennis training websites, and equestrian clubs. The images we have provided include baseball, basketball, football, tennis, soccer, hockey and lacrosse. We add logos, team mascots, and any art in your colors at no additional cost.

Murerase whiteboards - Green-Bay-East-Basketball-Court-72x48 image

Workplace Whiteboards

Every workplace needs a central location for In/Out whiteboards, a place for lists of things to do or assignment, and the maintenance of inventory of everything under the sun. Murerase custom whiteboards can accommodate the custom requirements that your company has. We will listen to you describe your requirements and get you started with a draft layout. We have advice about size, the spacing of rows and columns and the use of color to make the whole thing more attractive and easier to you.

Murerase whiteboards - 36x 24 Claim Jumper restaurant image

Scheduling/Tracking Whiteboards

When to what and where? Just about everyone has something that they need to track. We have made custom dry erase boards to track everything from “grunts” at Parris Island for the marines to when the pets in the kennel need to be walked and whether they were or not. We will recommend color to make items easier to find. We can make your whiteboard magnetic in order to incorporate magnets which cuts down on the need to write as much and allows you to have more “stuff” on the board. We can also make them non-magnetic and not framed to keep the cost low. Give us a starting point and we’ll make your finished product easy to design and build.

Murerase whiteboards - Graphic Pkg-MRAC-24x36 image

Custom/Miscellaneous Whiteboards

Custom dry erase white boards are a great solution whether you are a retail or industrial company, an educational institution, or a scientific or medical organization. There are a multitude of applications such as:

  • Tracking boards to follow people, events, or product

  • Tournament, game or scoring boards

  • Maps of all types including facilities, locations and regions of the country

  • Performance, safety and planning charts

  • Calendar boards covering everything from a week to 12 months

  • Scheduling boards

  • Training boards

Custom printed dry erase whiteboards - Blue Scope-Autowelder-48x48 image