Custom Miscellaneous Whiteboards

murerase – Custom Dry Erase Boards

Custom dry erase whiteboards are a great solution whether you are a retail or industrial company, an educational institution, or a scientific or medical organization. There are a multitude of applications such as:

  • Tracking boards to follow people, events or product

  • Tournament, game or scoring boards

  • Maps of all types including facilities, locations and regions of the country

  • Performance, safety and planning charts

  • Calendar boards covering everything from a week to 12 months

  • Scheduling boards

  • Training boards

  • Maps of all kinds

Mureraseâ„¢ printed whiteboards are for hard daily use. The printing is chemically crosslinked into the dry erase surface. No erasing, cleaning or other use will alter the printing. There is no need to replace these dry erase boards due to chipping, delamination of the graphics, fading or other degradation of the Mureraseâ„¢ surface.

Our excellent high resolution graphics results in effective communication. 4-color digital printing does not cost any more than black and white. The lack of ghosting or defects, sometimes present in lower quality products, eliminates the potential for errors, created by poor legibility.

We would be happy to provide you with expert advice on many options. Please e-mail us through use of our contact us form for the custom magnetic boards that will give you the board you require.

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