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custom murerase magnets

Get the magnets that you need for all our magnetic dry erase and NMM boards.

  • Custom printed magnets

  • Printed dry erase magnets

  • Die cut magnets

  • Standard header magnets

Magnets add to the versatility of a custom printed Murerase board. When you are not sure what should be in the header lines of your board, use a printed magnet that can be moved around on the board. If you want anything to “stick” to a steel surface, add a magnet to the back of it for a sure, non-invasive attachment. If you want your printed dry erase board to BE a magnet, we can make that for you.

dry erase pens

Full size dry erase pens. The set has 4 different colors. Call or email us for pricing on 4-color sets or all one color.

Custom printed dry erase whiteboards - accessories-markers image

marker magnets

These clever clips are magnets. Eliminate the cost and intrusiveness of chalktrays with these inexpensive clips. Store your pens right on the whiteboard. Call or email for pricing.

Custom printed dry erase whiteboards - accessories-magnets image

dry eraser

Use an eraser that is meant for dry erase. This one will take off the dry erase ink without abrading the board. Throw it in the clothes washer when it gets filled with ink – not the dryer, however. They will serve you for a long time.

Custom printed dry erase whiteboards - accessories image

magna kleen spray

Don’t use whatever is around to clean your dry erase boards. Many wipes and cleaners contain abrasives which scratch the finish of the boards, and other have chemicals that leave a residue on the boards that gathers up the dry erase ink and causes ghosting. Every board will need to be cleaned from time to time. Ink that has sat on the board for a long time (ie. Ms. Smith, the teacher, puts her name up on the board the first day of school and it is there on the last day) needs more than an eraser. Use the right material and the ink will come right off!!

Custom printed dry erase whiteboards - accessories-spray image