Magirail Magnetic Whiteboards Sliding Rail System

Magirail Magnetic Whiteboards Sliding Rail System are available with Murerase custom printed whiteboards, Plain whiteboards or Porcelain whiteboard (Lifetime Warranty). The whiteboards on a sliding rail system come in 4 standard sizes or as custom sizes.

These 3 videos will show you everything you need to know for the simple, straightforward installation of the Magirail system.

Up to 3 boards can be stacked one in front of the other. If 3 boards are needed, please note that the back board is a normally a wall fixed whiteboard. The front two boards are rail whiteboards and come complete with fittings to attach to the rail (TZZS01). If 2 overlapping boards are used on the rail, then the front board clearance brackets set must also be purchased (TZZS02). Thanks to the new brackets system, all 3 boards can be exactly the same size.

Magirail 1

Magirail 2

Magirail 3

Magirail 4