Take a Look at Our New Website

We depend on our website to present our product, and we believe that it’s necessary to update and improve it regularly. We are uploading a revised website today at ddscustom.com and invite you to take a look

36″x 48″ whiteboard for
Pediatric cardiology
DDS has moved from South Carolina to Philadelphia and the next generation is running the show. AND, we’re back in the custom printed whiteboard business making dry erase boards for hospital, sports and military applications. The hospitals use dry erase in patient rooms, surgeries and every area of the hospital. The sports boards are primarily for coaches, trainers, and for tracking tournaments. We do all kinds of military boards including tracking of everything from recruits, fighter aircraft and site maps for the Coast Guard. The Military section is not highly populated due to restrictions on what can be shown – not much. Basically, remember that we can provide whatever content you can dream up. All we need is good art and a layout with dimensions.

In addition to the new tabs or sections, take a look at the latest boards and layouts that we’ve done in both the Custom and Medical sections. We removed some older whiteboards and added some that are newer, have more color (no additional charge), and have some unique layouts.

The dry erase board to the left is for the Marine Corps. It tracks “future marines” that are being recruited. We did a bunch of these for the different recruiting stations.

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