The DDS Custom Difference

One of our main goals here at Digital Designed Solutions is to solve our customers problems. So, what are some common problems that we solve within the whiteboard industry? Well for starters, a custom whiteboard helps create better structure and organization. Take this Sutter Yuba Behavorial Health Services board as an example. Below is the before image of the board that customer was using to track their patient information amongst employees.

                                                                                       Sutter Yuba Behavioral Health Board – Before  

When this company came to us, they needed a better way to communicate and create visibility amongst staff members. A good rule of thumb is, if you are using a plain whiteboard, and find yourself having to constantly erase and redraw lines & columns on your boards, or add sticky notes and tape, let us custom print those lines, words, etc. to create a more polished look that will save you and your staff time and effort.  Below is the after look we created.

                                                                                       DDS Custom Printed Board  – After 

After taking a look at  Sutter Yuba’s original whiteboard (in the first image), our design team was able to work closely with the Sutter Yuba team to create a layout that not only matched the previous design, but took it a step further by enhancing its potential and purpose, while increasing its simplicity and visibility.  The Sutter Yuba team was thrilled with the boards! Almost all clients that move to a custom printed board, can’t believe they ever did without! Let us help you and create a more functional whiteboard for your space through the DDS Custom difference! Contact us at 484-440-9665 or by emailing us at

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