Whiteboards: Then & Now

Let’s take a moment to look back through the History of Whiteboards. Perhaps not the most fascinating topic in the world, but take into consideration that Whiteboards are commonly used in nearly every school, in offices and corporations, within the military, and even within households, making them a staple product of everyday American life.

Whiteboards originated back in the 1950’s as an alternative to the ever popular chalk board. The problem that whiteboards were trying to solve was the ability to erase clearly without leaving behind a chalky residue. In order to clean a chalkboard you needed to use a wet cloth, which made for an inconvenient and messy situation.  Coincidentally, the earliest versions of the classic whiteboard that we know today also needed to be wiped clean with a wet cloth.  But by 1975, whiteboard popularity increased with the introduction of the dry erase marker, which made it possible to wipe the board completely clean with a cloth or eraser.

Whiteboards have maintained their popularity and convenience since 1975 – and many might argue (DDS included), that they have even gained in popularity as newer technologies, versions and customizable options have emerged. These days, whiteboards have taken on many nicknames such as; dry erase boards, marker boards, dry wipe board, etc. Regardless of what you call it, the classic whiteboard is ever-changing, and here at DDS we are paving the way into the future of whiteboards through our out of the box thinking, and our ability to make whiteboards that are customized to any size, design, style and use case that is needed.

The original Whiteboard was invented to be used within the Education industry, yet today whiteboards are found in various different industries across the Globe. Some common industries that take advantage of all that whiteboards have to offer are: Medical, Sports, Education, The Military, Manufacturing, Parks and Recreation, and more! Be sure to visit our website’s products page for more examples of whiteboard uses across various industries.

Within those industries, let’s discuss the type of professional using whiteboards to better perform their job functions.  Common professionals using whiteboards in their everyday lives include: Doctors and Nurses in both Hospital and Office settings, Athletic Directors, Coaches, Teachers, Directors of Operations, Warehouse Managers, Shift Managers, Military & Mapping Professionals, and more! Essentially, any professional with the need to track, manage, and organize their staff, their thoughts, their products, and their work can benefit from the use of a customized whiteboard.

Whiteboards have come along way in their sustainability as new and better coating options are available. DDS offers the highest quality of whiteboards, using the latest and greatest technologies available to ensure our boards will last and maintain their original quality and integrity along with proper care. To discover more about what DDS has to offer, and to follow along on our whiteboard journey, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

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